Real Face

One day when I was on my way to college. I happened to pass by a throng of people stuck around someone. I stopped, moved ahead and saw he was a wizard a mirror with. 

He was___"This mirror tells about the real faces" One by one, paying the fee, people
were being exposed by their real faces.
I saw one person moving toward the mirror, the mirror was.."You are a cheater with the
beguiling mind"
The second man moves in front of the mirror, "you are a hypocrite with a friendly mind "
The third person keeps his face to the mirror, "You are Obnoxious with pacifying mind"
Then a fourth person goes and stands in front of the mirror, "You are backbiter with a
sincerity coated mind"
To a fifth person mirror was, "You are Whimsical, showing yourself with the trusted mind"
A person was being exposed, "You are Wishy-washy showing yourself with a strong mind" 
To another man, "You are xenophobic portraying yourself with a social mind"
There was a row of large people one was called...
"You are bigot colouring yourself with a liberal mind"
Then I was called to stand in front of the mirror. 
With trembling body & sordid face I was being exposed,
"Zahid! you are damn dull, drab & loathsome full of mythical mind..!!"


Some days ago seven donkeys were caught by Indian police.
They were actually arrested in a crime.
Locked up behind the bars.
I being a reporter asked police officer;
"Sir, what is their crime?"
Officer mustached, "They have eaten exorbitant pricey flowering
plants."..he replied.
Then I catechized,
"Sir, they are non-sense animals knowing nothing that is expensive what is cheap they ate that"
Yesterday. I got news,
Donkeys have released on bail.
But the question is there.
After eating costly flowering-plants have these donkeys become valuable pricey?
Have they become sensible now?
They were arrested to feel them repent, did they felt repent on their crime?
If you say yes then why they are called "donkeys" and not humans?
Question is to you and to the officer,



Drought unfurls in that year.
Sun used to dawn with cockcrow; 
Shining, blushing, annihilating small souls traveled to dusk.
Crops smashed,
Life in danger,
Not just people but animals too at the bank of the death.
No signs of rain,
Everyday Radio depressed as there was no rain forecast.
One-day all, including men, women, young and old, children
too mustered in a place.
They raised hands, eyes began to shed tears, prayed for a
long time but 'NO RAIN'.
I was also in that gathering.
Meanwhile, we saw a small boy holding umbrella was
approaching us.
All eyes turned to him, prayer stopped.
Silence prevailed.
The small boy entered in the gathering,
confident and outgoing.
I moved forward, asked;
"O My Dear Why are you keeping an umbrella with you?"
With a nasty glance, he replied;
"Your Reliance is weak.!!"
There was no answer, just embarrassment.

Viciousness vs Paradise!

                                   Viciousness vs Paradise!
Crying with pain as every part of her fragile body was blotched
with non-healing bruise & cuts.
Uneasy just like a fish out of water.
Owing to having downcast feelings, was being disowned from her
captivating blonde hair.
Actually, she was living in the society of humbug & imbecile creature-human
but without humanity.
Waiting for good days had grown wrinkles on the twinkling face of one time.
I could hear her voice,
Asked, why are you weeping?
She told me to sit down,
"I was used to call Paradise,
Used to call carotid-artery of a country,
My breast used to feed children of both rival foes
& still, it's active.
Their crops & fruits grow by the milk*, getting out,
Millions of people used to visit here to watch my beauty,
Beauty, The matchless beauty! "....She replied.
I interfered, so what's the problem now?
She stared at me & muttered;
"Are you benighted?
I'm being looted by Non-Muslims, the Indian army.
My daughters, your Muslim sisters are being raped,
My sons & your brothers are being killed as they want
justice and independence,
There is a funeral in my lawn on a daily basis!
Bones vacant,
Filled with an incendiary mixture.
I die daily seeing gun fires & lattice charge on my sons &
I was feeling v.sad.
She kept on telling about brutality examined upon her in the last 70yrs & then questioned;
"Is there any Muslim alive?
Mehmood to help his sisters?
To save the Carotid Artery of Pak?
To save my beauty, charming?
To save me & my children? awhh(sigh)"
For Allah the Lord's sake please help me, she requested me & the Muslims elsewhere.
Then I told that UNO has passed resolution soon there will be happiness.
I'm a student, becoming a doctor how can I help?
But I again noticed her, The Kashmir valley frustrated.
I kept her hand in my hand to give her courage.
"So, what can do Zahid for you?"....I asked.
She passed a comment;
"Nothing,But to write a short-story....!!!"

Dark Pitch

                      Dark Pitch

Poor Muslims were being killed.
Not merely killed but slaughtered like animals.
Syria had lost over 600 lives including blooming fortunes, young & the old.
Over 200 were waiting for mortality I think because of the postponement of death.
As a News Reporter, I reached Syria to record brutality & raise voice against.
Devastated houses, crumpled bodies & collapsed were spread all around.
Some left because of luck from the harms of bombs & bullets, injured, were dying with hunger.
I was capturing all the heartbreaking scenes in the camera.
When I reached a blighted house, a small girl with a plate of smelly potato rice was eating.
She was too busy perhaps she had not received food for the last three days.
Her mouth was full of blood blotches, perhaps her father & mother were dumped in that building.
Eyes full of tears.
I wanted to capture her photo.
When I moved ahead I was shocked seeing that she was raising her own loaf to me.
She was sharing her meal with me.
I assumed she was taking me as hunger as she herself.
With trembling body & embarrassment I sat down with her.
Then my head bent down in shy, the numbness.
I felt she was questioning the whole world;
" O Humans Of The World Where Is Your Humanity?"
" O Ambassadors Of The Peace Where Is Peace..!!!"

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